Business Operating Permit

Every Business within EKMA’S jurisdiction must obtain a Business Operating Permit.

Business Operating Permit is a license that enables you to undertake or do business within the Municipality. After first registering with the Assembly. The Business Operating Permit fees are charged annually by the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly in accordance with EKMA Bye-Law (2018), EKMA BL No. 0008

In order for Assembly to facilitate the process of acquiring a Business Operating Permit to begin business within the Municipal Assembly, it has put the following measures in place.

Requirement for processing a Business Operating Permit.

  • Produce Registrar General Business Registration Certificate/ Certificate of Incorporation and Commencement.
  • Name of Business
  • Name of Business Owner
  • Business Location (GPS Location) / Address
  • Contact details of Business Owner(s)

An applicant shall purchase a business registration form from the Revenue/Account office immediately after producing the above requirements, fill the form and submit the form for inspection, assessments and rating.

In the processing of the Permit the Business Registration fee in addition to the Business Operating Permits based on the Assembly’s Fee –Fixing Resolution for that year which is also subject to review. Such a permit granted under the Bye –Law shall expire on the 31st day of December each year.

It is expected that every business within the EKMA’s jurisdiction obtains a Business Operation Permit.

As the name sounds, a Business operating permit is a license that enables you to undertake/do business in the City of  Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly

In order to fast track the process of acquiring a business Operating Permit and do business with ease within the City of Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly, the Assembly has put in the following measures in place;

Checklist For Processing A Business Operating Permit

  • Produce Registrar General Business Certificate/Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Name of Business
  • Name of Business Owner
  • Business Location (GPS location)/Address
  • Contact Detail.

Temporary Permit

An applicant receives a Temporary permit that last for 90 days immediately after producing the above requirement.

    • During this period, the Assembly does its due diligence, background checks and processing in order to generate a Permanent permit for the Applicant.
    • The Internal process include the following steps tabled below;