The Business Advisory Centre (BAC) was established by the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) to help promote the development of Medium Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) at the Municipal level through the provision of business development services.

Since then the BAC has been doing its possible best to promote the development and growth of MSEs in the Municipal.

The National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) was established by an Act of the Parliament of the Third Republic of Ghana (Act 434 of 1981) and operationalized in 1985 to focus on the promotion and development of the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) sector.


As part of efforts to increase job creation and economic growth in Ghana, NBSSI was charged with maximizing the contribution of MSEs to the country’s economic and social development with respect to:

  • Production
  • Income distribution
  • Employment and the closer integration of women and rural dwellers into the national economy

NBSSI’s scope and mandate were further expanded when the Government of Ghana merged its operations with the Ghanaian Enterprises Development Commission (GEDC) in 1991 and the Cottage Industries Division of the Department of Rural Housing and Cottage Industries in 1994.



  • To improve the business environment of the Municipal.
  • To establish an effective network of stake holders to support the fast growing MSE sector.
  • To establish an ICT system for the promotion and the development of MSEs nationwide.
  • To have a highly competent and professional staff throughout the country to pursue our mandate.
  • To have a vibrant organization positioned to pursue our mandate of serving the needs of our valued stakeholders.
  • To establish a strong financial base including generation of income.


To be the lead authority that coordinates the MSME sector and facilitates the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises through the provision of efficient, effective enterprise development services and innovative financial services.


  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Results oriented
  • Passion about customer satisfaction
  • Accountable
  • Gender Equity


The centre has run the following activities to the MSMEs within the Municipality

  • Assisted SMEs secure loans from the edaif loan scheme
  • Giving advisory support to businesses
  • Solidarity for funding for skill development training for the people living with disability in the Municipality.
  • Supporting and sensitizing SMEs on the need to register their businesses with RGD
  • Educating business in the informal sectors on the Labour Act
  • Assisted MSMEs to secure loan from the Covid Alleviation Program (CAPBUSS)
  • Has embarked on the registration of youth, unemployed and MSMEs on the Mastercard Foundation Program named Young Africa Works which includes;
  • ICE- Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • YA2E- Apprenticeship to Entrepreneur
  • MBA- MSME Business Acceleration
  • With the support of the municipal, BAC has also been able to organize management training on book keeping and financial management for 40 members from all the local based association within the municipal.