The establishment of NCCE is enshrined in the 1992 constitution. Chapter (19) Article 231 by an Act of Parliament within six months after Parliament first meets, the coming into force of the constitution.

The membership of the commission is made up of a Chairman, two Deputy Chairmen and four other members.

  1. Members of the Commission are appointed by the President, acting on the advice of the Council of State.
  2. Members of the Commission are persons who are qualified to be elected as Members of Parliament.
  3. Members of the Commission are persons who do not hold office in any Political party.

Functions Of The Commission

The functions of the Commission are spelt in Article 233 of the Ghana’s fourth republican constitution and these are:

  • To create and sustain within the society the awareness of the principles and objectives of of this constitution as the fundamental law of the people of Ghana.
  • To educate and encourage the public to defend this constitution at all times against all forms of abuse and violations.
  • To formulate for the construction of Ghana from time to time, against all forms of abuse and violation.
  • To formulate for the construction of Ghana from time to time programmes at the national, regional and district levels aimed at realising the objectives of this constitution
  • To formulate, implement and oversee programmes intended to inculcate in the citizens of Ghana awareness of their civic responsibilities and an appreciation of their right and obligations as free people.
  • Fuel other functions as Parliament may prescribe.

Independence Of The Commission's Mission

In Article 234 of the 1992 constitution, the independence of the commission is spelt out. It says except as otherwise provided in this constitution, or in any other law which is not inconsistent with this constitution, the Commission shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority in the performance of its function.

Regional And Districts Branches Of The Commission

The establishment of Branches by the commission is stipulated in the constitution of Article 237 at all Regional District Capitals.


The NCCE vision is to be an effective independent democratic Commission in the delivery of quality civic education.

All these have paved way for the opening of EKMA branch of the commission when the Assembly was created from STMA in 2018.

Mission Statement


The NCCE is a constitutional body mandated to create and sustain awareness of constitutional democracy for the achievement of political, economic and social stability through civic education.


  • Integrity
  • Independence 
  • Presence